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NameStefanie B
Description2008 Childcare Provider of the Year Tender Heart Childcare Statement of Philosophy The Tender Heart Childcare program was designed with excellence in mind. I believe that every child needs to feel loved and wanted. They need to know that people near them truly care about them as unique and special children. Every child needs the security of a safe environment. Each child must trust that parents and other protective adults will be there in times of need. Children need to believe they are always accepted for themselves, not only when their behavior meets certain standards. Every child needs to be challenged to grow and develop individually. Children also have the right to know that there are limits, and that they will be held to those limits by those with responsibility. Every child needs to have friendly guidance to learn to deal effectively with others. Children need to be encouraged to try new things, to grow and find confidence in themselves and their ability to do things with growing independence. Based on these beliefs, the Tender Heart Childcare Philosophy then becomes simple. Every child needs LOVE, SECURITY, ACCEPTANCE, CONTROL, and GUIDANCE and PROTECTION. I will provide this by understanding each parent's unique set of values and by following an established plan for each child. Goals1. To provide each child with security and the opportunity to develop through exploration and education in a safe, therapeutic, and stimulating environment. 2. To clearly understand the values important to every parent and to ensure the best possible care for each child. 3. To guarantee quality childcare services for children in my care or through the employment of those applicants that exhibit sensitivity, maturity, and an identifiable love for children. The Tender Heart Childcare program provides a healthy, safe, educational, and therapeutic environment as the best possible, parental substitute on a daily basis. Elements of individual programming conform to parental values and respect their beliefs. I will work daily to enrich and nurture each child during the hours available.

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